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Types of Fishing Lures


Types Of Fishing Lures:The artificial fly is typically used in fly fishing. Materials like feathers, thread, fur, and yarn are tied directly to a hook to resemble just about any type of salt... Read More

Cobia Cheat Sheet


Species: COBIA Identification:Cobia are dark brown on the sides and back which graduates to white on the belly with two darker brown horizontal bands on each side.They have small eyes and a flat... Read More

Red Drum Cheat Sheet


SPECIES: RED DRUM DESCRIPTION:Red drum (Sciaenops Ocellatus), are also known as a channel bass, redfish, spot-tail bass or just “reds”. They range in the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Florida and in the... Read More

Striped Bass Cheat Sheet


Species: STRIPED BASS Description:Morone saxatilis: Striped Bass, Striper, Rockfish, Line-sider whatever you call it, along with the red drum, are arguably the most sought after inshore gamefish on the East Coast. They range... Read More

Introducing: Surf Fishing


There is an old saying “To defeat your enemy you must know your enemy”. The same can be said about fishing “to catch your quarry you must know your quarry”. Here is collection... Read More

Carp Fishing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques


New and seasoned fishermen can still benefit from a few carp fishing tips, tricks, and techniques. Even experienced individuals need a regular refresher in order to be reminded about everything they know. It... Read More

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