September 18, 2021

We Are whats between you and the fish

A Barometric Pressure Cheat Sheat

High Pressure normally considered 30.50 +, improving weather with clear Skies: Fishing action Medium to Slow. Try fishing slow in relatively deep water and/or near cover.

Medium Barometric Pressure normally considered 29.70 – 30.40  Fair Weather: Fish action  normal = good time to test lures and techniques “match the hatch” Try lures that mimic available forage.

Low Barometric Pressure is considered 29.60 and lower:  weather will typically be cloudy and or rainy fish activity is usually slow = slow your fishing, try fishing in deeper water near drop-offs or near cover.
Rising Pressure = Improving Weather = Fish Slightly Active = Fish slowly in deeper water or near cover.

Stable Pressure = Fair Weather
Normal Fishing good time to test lures, baits, and techniques.
Falling Pressure = Degrading Weather fish tend to feed especially when pressure starts to drop Best Fishing

The best barometric pressure for fishing is between about 29.90 and 30.90 and the pressure is rapidly falling. Fish are generally most active and feed during these conditions.