September 28, 2021

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Fishing Tackle Shops – Benefits of Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing segments of the sport fishing hobby. It’s also helping to boost “yak” sales all over the UK. Here’s some information about kayak fishing and some of the gear you might need from fishing tackle shops.

Kayak Fishing – A New Angle

If you’re a sea fisherman who’s just about “fished out,” if you’ve tried most of the standard gear and techniques and are itching for a real challenge, kayak fishing might be just the thing for you. You can use most of the fishing gear you’ve already purchased from tackle shops when kayak fishing.

Benefits of Kayak Fishing

If you own a boat, it can be an ordeal towing it to a boat launch facility and getting it into the water. For larger boats, you’re faced with the expense of keeping your vessel in a marina. Not to mention the cost of fuel every time you head out. A kayak can be tailored or tethered to the top of your vehicle if the vehicle is large enough. Although the cost of a kayak can be quite high (£1000 to £2000), over time it will pay for itself with the savings in fuel and storage costs. If you use fishing charters, a kayak can save the £40 to £50 you pay for a day’s fishing. In a kayak, you can move silently and easily from location to location. Kayaks are made of modern and durable materials, so you can expect your vessel to last up to 16 years.

More Kayak Fishing Benefits

A kayak will take you to fishing spots not accessible to either shore or boat fisherman. The boat’s low profile is less likely to disturb the fish. A kayak is also an environmentally conscious way to get out onto the water without burning fossil fuels. To properly fit out your kayak, be sure to consult a fishing tackle shop for necessities like rod holders, coolers, fish finders or even a GPS receiver. You might also want to add a fishing rod holder and folding anchor. Be sure to thoroughly browse the equipment that’s available at fishing tackle shops to determine whether any of it can be adapted for kayak fishing.

Other than the kayak and its fittings, most UK fishing tackle shops will carry all the gear you need.

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