September 28, 2021

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Trout Hooks – Why Small Fishing Hooks Catch More Trout

When it comes to trout fishing it’s very important to consider the type and style of trout hooks that are employed. The bottom line is that whether you are using a treble baited with Powerbait or a set of gang hooks rigged with a live worm, the smaller the fishing hook that is used, the better. Small fishing hooks catch more trout when it comes to trout hooks, there’s no doubt about it.

Let’s start with treble hooks. If you are fishing with Powerbait, which is excellent trout bait when you are dealing with trout that have been stocked, very small trebles should always be used. Many fishermen tend to use trebles that are much too large. The perfect size treble for trout fishing with Powerbait is a size 12 treble. Treble hooks down to size 18 can also be used, but only if the goal is to eat the trout that you catch. If you use trebles as small as size 18 for trout fishing, the trout tend to swallow the treble effectively killing them, which of course isn’t a problem if you are fishing for dinner.

The next of the trout hooks that I want to discuss is called a set of gang hooks. What is a set of gang hooks you ask? Well a set of gang hooks is simply a pair of small fishing hooks tied in tandem. These trout hooks are excellent for trout fishing in rivers while using live worms (such as night crawlers) as bait. If you like to spend time wading in rivers trout fishing, gang hooks will become your “go to” trout fishing hook?

When it comes to river fishing for trout there is little doubt that gang hooks are the best way to present live worms (excellent trout fishing bait for rivers by the way) as bait. My favorite sizes are size #8 and #10. When #10 gang hooks are being employed large worms such as night crawlers should be pinched in half before being rigged on the hooks for a more realistic presentation. If a large trout is located, # 8 gang hooks can be used and rigged with a complete night crawler, to help to coax the large trout into biting. Otherwise the smaller size #10 gang hooks should be employed when trout fishing. Anytime that I am fishing for trout I always have a few packages of these in my fishing vest.

The bottom line is that when it comes to trout fishing the use of small fishing hooks are one of the keys to success. And if you think that the use of small hooks means that you will only catch small trout, consider this: I regularly hook and land trout from fourteen to twenty plus inches while using trout hooks that are no larger than the hooks that have been outlined in this article.